Milk Pasteuriser

The Milk Has to Go Through a Lot of Processing Before It Is Actually Ready for Consumption.

Milk Pasteuriser


Milk Pasteuriser

In today's milk processing industry, pasteurization is a popular technology widely applied in milk sterilization. Milk pasteurizer machine is able to eliminate those pathogenic bacteria harmful to our health, and preserve milk quality as much as possible. Milk pasteurization machine works under the principle of tubercle bacillus destruction curve and cream separation thermal destruction curve. It can not only sterilize raw milk, but also plays a part in fermentation. Pasteurization is a process of heating treatment to kill disease-carrying germs in milk and ice cream mix without affecting their nutritional and natural qualities. After heating, the milk or ice cream mix remains at a high temperature for the time required to kill all germs and then quickly chilled to store at 4°C. Akshar Pasteurizer is an electronic and Gas pasteurizer that can be used to heat milk and ice cream mix. This Pasteurizer is easy to use, simple to manage and ideal for milk plants and ice cream manufacturing plants. Its jacketed stainless steel pan gives better control over heating Steam from the boiler heats the space between the outer jacket and inner pan to give more uniform heating and avoid localised burning of the product. Also it is fitted with an agitator for constant mixing.

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